Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye to our Sweet Anna

Bin loving his dear friend (I love this picture)
Last week we lost our Sweet Anna. We were all so sad to see her go but we knew that it was coming. We never were for sure of her actual age. I have a feeling she was around 15 or so. We adopted her from the Golden Retriever Rescue seven years ago this coming December. They told us she was around 7 but when we met her for the first time we knew she was much older than that. She was already white in the face but we loved her from the moment we saw her. This is her story ( I will try and make it short)...
When Jon and I first met I knew he always wanted Golden Retrievers. So, a year after we were married we got one, Annie Bell. Then a few months later we got another one, Amos. Annie and Amos were great buddies. When Annie was 3 she began having seizures. We found out the cause was an inoperable brain tumor. She passed away about 6 weeks later. Almost a year after she died we started looking into adopting a Golden instead of getting a puppy. We happened to come across a Golden Retriever Rescue in College Station which was perfect since we are there pretty regularly!:). They had one in need of a home and her name was Annie too. Later we changed it to Anna. She was our Christmas gift that year to each other. Since then we have picked up a few other strays a long the way and this past summer we lost Amos as most of you already know. He passed away in his sleep one night. We are still so sad he did not make it to come and live out here in the country, he would have been the most happiest dog in the world. I know this is getting rather lengthy but I just wanted you all to know what a sweet dog she was. She had such a gentle soul. I often wonder what kind of life she had before she came to live with us. I can't imagine any one not loving her. She was so sweet with the babies and Bin really loved her. He says now that she has gone to live with GG in Heaven. GG is what he calls Jesus:)! The other day on our way home from the store he said Mommy I need to hold Anna. It made me so sad. Maybe someday we will get another one. So now we just have Abraham (a silly little dog that Jon found when he was out dove hunting about 4 years ago) and of course all the cats.!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Camp 2008

Oaxie caught her first fish

Face painting at the Carnival

Believe it or not this was some sort of game, but
I still never figured it out. Oaxie just liked
playing in the flour!

Arts & Craft time

Time to go home

This weekend we went to Family Camp. This was our second year, click here to see pics from last year. We sure have changed! It was a lot of fun and burrrrrrr was it cold! We went to a camp fire and made our very first smores. We went on a scavenger hunt, did arts and crafts and went fishing and even caught fish! Saturday night we went to the carnival, ate cotton candy for the first time, had our faces painted and danced a lot! Here are some of our pictures from the weekend.