Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texas Snow 2011

I promise that is not a gang sign. Oaxie is trying
to spray her pretend spider webs!!!!

Taking a break to warm our clothes up, just to
go out again, and again and again!

Finally done for the day and ready to relax by
the fire.

Love this face!!!

I think Ruby loved the snow more than Oaxie
This was her first time to see snow. AND, no
that is not a deer frozen in the snow it is Jon's
practice target!

Yep...the snow finally arrived in Texas this week and burrrrrr it has been cold! School was called off Tuesday and Jon stayed home too. The snow was fun to play in but only for short periods of time. The wind was blowing so hard that it made it almost unbearable to stay out long! We cooked chili in the crock pot all day. Super yummy for dinner.
Today we woke up to no hot water! Jon went to the shop and brought home some super duty diesel heaters to warm up the attic so it would thaw out the frozen pipes. Worked perfect and the hot water is back on. I am just waiting for our electricity to start going out! It is happening all over the metroplex so I am sure it will make its way out to ten buck two where we are sooner or later! Stay warm everyone!:)