Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Aggie Game

All ready to go in our Maroon and White!

Loving that our cousins Blake and Sydni are
going with us!

Nana, Oaxie and Bin waiting for game time

Gig'em Aggies

Oaxie is out like a light and I think
Daddy is about to be!

I have been meaning to post this for a while since this was a big day for the Wells/Binford families! Bin and Oaxie went to their first ever Aggie game. We have been wondering when it was going to be the right time to let them start joining us for games. Four or more hours is a long time for little ones to sit for an entire game and not completely go crazy or annoy the people sitting beside them. Well, October 9th was the big day/game! A&M played Arkansas in the Dallas Cowboy stadium and we all went. The kids did GREAT! Bin sat in his seat the entire game and had his first game day nachos that he gobbled down. Oaxie's favorite part was watching the Aggie Band at half time. However, after that she slept the rest of the game. I don't blame her I guess since the Aggies lost, but we had a great time and I have a feeling they will be enjoying many more to come!:) Afterwards, we went to eat at Uno's in downtown Ft Worth and that was a lot of fun too. We love walking around downtown and pizza from Uno's is one of our most favorite places to eat.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day of Prayer

Today, at 12:00 PM, was Spina Bifida Kids Worldwide day of prayer. That's a mouth full to say and write. So, where was I at this moment in time? In the shower! Our water bill may be a little more this month because of it!:) I am not sure how this all came about but I am thinking some moms of children with Spina Bifida who love Jesus got together and decided to declaire today as "SBKWDoP". However it happened, I like it. So... I have decided my first post back in a while I was going to let you in on private time with my Lord! So this is what He and I discussed in the shower.
I prayed to God:
For Mom's and Dad's who have just been told the baby they are carrying has spina bifida that He wraps his loving arms around them and gives them comfort and a peace to know that this baby is so very special and he/she will bring them a joy to their life that they can not even begin to imagine.

I prayed to God:
For the Doctors who are giving news to parents for the first time today that their baby will be
born with Spina Bifida to express this life changing news with knowledge, GRACE and compassion.

I prayed to God:
To Families who are raising children with Spina Bifida that he bestow love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, hope and understanding to all.

I prayed to God:
For our BinBoo that every one of his days are filled with laughter. As I am writing this I can hear Bin cracking himself up while playing with his sister. His laugh is contagious and his smile is a heart stopper for sure! All that Bin has gone through in the past and all that he will face in the future, I pray for him to find strength and have as little pain as possible. I pray for God to give Bin a passion in his heart to help educating others when they have questions regarding challenges he has to face daily and to know what makes him different are actually his strengths! Mostly I pray for a life full of happiness. That he will always be happy like he is every morning when he gets up until he finally passes out at night...with that beautiful smile on his face. Oh how I love my precious baby boy!

I prayed to God:
To give Jon and I kindness, forgiveness and understanding to others who see Bin as "different" and unaware of the physical issues Bin has NO control over. For patience when at the end of the day we are literally exhausted but still have to sit with Bin for 30 minutes to do potty time. Trying to be energetic and come up with different activities to keep him on the potty is mentally taxing at times, for him as well!:) For the age appropriate answers to give Oaxie as she has began to ask questions regarding Bin's uniqueness. (Why does he have to use a cath to potty, why can't he potty like all the other kids at school, why does he walk funny, why can't he stand like a big boy in the shower instead of sitting on the shower floor...) Lastly, I pray for Jon and I to remain strong in our love for each other. That even though the majority of our thoughts are filled with children, work, hunting :), and all that our lives have to bring that at the end of the day we have each other to lean on and love when our lives can seem so overwhelming!

Finally I had to give the Lord many thanks:
For allowing us to be parents to Bin and Oaxie
That Bin and Oaxie know who He is. When you ask them where God lives they say "in my heart." At Bin's last check-up he asked the doctor if she could hear God in there when she was listening to his heart!!
For the wonderful Doctors and nurses who have taken care of Bin
For our family who have dropped every thing in almost a moments notice and driven hours to be here for doctors appointments, surgeries, and just difficult times
Mostly for Bin's loving heart and his "overuse" of the words, I LOVE YOU!