Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Bin the Builder
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bin and Oaxie are 5!!

Yummy Spider Man Icing!!

TaTa liked the icing too!!

New Boots!

Awesome new scooter! If you have non-carpet

floors, I highly recommend this! Adults can ride

it too.

One of the only things Oaxie asked for...

a toothbrush???

Could not wait til morning to fly new kites!

Bin and Oaxie's 5th birthday was last Monday but my computer was down so I could not post all the pictures until now. We did not do anything big this year like, go to Sea World (last years birthday adventure) or have a big party (3 year old party). We discussed what we were going to do for several weeks and never made a decision so guess what we did...absolutely nothing!:) My parents were in town to help watch the kids so Jon and I could go to my dear friend Mary's 60th birthday party and stay the night in Ft Worth. First time we have been away from the kids over night since they were 1. Thank you Mom & Dad for helping. As a matter of fact that is the first time Jon and I have been alone, on a date in over 2 years! Crazy, I know!!

So, back to their birthday. We ended up cooking out with all the Grandparents. We actually did not get their presents until the day of the party! I do insist others not to do the same because my mom and I ended up buying too much and spending more than we should have waiting until the last minute. Also got the cakes last minute too!:) Oaxie saw the horse cake the day before in the store and the little tiny spider man cake just happened to be on clearance so we got it too!:) Oaxie only asked for two things, a horse cake and a Sonicare toothbrush! I still don't know why a toothbrush of all things but there was no way I was spending 75.00 for it!! I found the electric iron man one instead, which she loves!! They totally enjoyed themselves but I do know that next year I am going to have to break down and have a party with friends. I overheard Oaxie in her room talking into her pretend phone saying, "Hey Jace, (her best buddy) today is my birthday and we are having a party. You want to come over?" Then and there I knew I had won "terrible mom of the year award" for not having a party with friends.:( Next year Bin and Oaxie, I promise I will do better! I love you guys infinity and beyond!!!!!!