Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
Jon and Tracy

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Bin the Builder
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Box Play
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Friday, September 28, 2007

Packing Oaxie

Today we are in a hurry to pack and leave for Bryan. We made last minute plans to go. Jon is leaving for a big hunt this weekend. The first one he has gone on since the babies were born. He is very excited. It is amazing all the things we used to do that we have had to give up for a while. So, we decided to leave too! This is the first time I have driven to Bryan with Bin and Oaxie by myself. Nana and MaMaw are going to meet us in Waco and drive back with us. They are going to babysit on Saturday while Grandaddy and I go to the A&M game. The first one I have been able to make this year. Oaxie and Bin wanted to be packed in their bags instead of their clothes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lunch Break

Daddy came home to see us for lunch. Oaxie stole Daddy's sunglasses. Of course she did not let Bin play with them. Bin and Oaxie have figured out that it is not fun to share with eachother! We are going to have to start working on that!

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Walker

We are not sure about this thing yet!

Sweet boy!

Hanging out at the shop

Bin's new Alligator gait trainer finally arrived last week and he's been doing pretty good with it. It is a little more difficult for him to maneuver around compared to his toy walker, but he'll get the hang of it soon. We have had to rearrange some of the furniture so he can get around better. It is big. Oaxie is having a blast too! Sometimes when Bin is not using it Oaxie will take off with it. She is dangerous!!! Daddy's new shop was the perfect place to walk but Bin and Oaxie preferred to play outside most of the time. Below is some video I shot at the shop. I just figured out how to put it on here!:) It is not that great but atleast everyone can see Bin walk! This was the first day with the Alligator and he already looks like he's been using this for a while! We are still having problems backing up, but he'll catch on quick. I wanted to put the video of him walking with his toy walker also since this is what he has been using for the past couple of months, and still prefers over the alligator. :)Next time I will remember not to talk on camera, I sound like such a hillbilly!