Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

The Annual Binford Family Christmas Pic

Bin trying out his new soccer goal. Check out
those skills!!:)

Oaxie and Rapunzel


Me and my baby girl

Don't even ask!!!

Out at the farm with Nana & Granddaddy

Doc was thinking Oaxie's bow looked very

Granddaddy teaching Oaxie how to use a whip.
Look out!!!

Oaxie and Old Red. Nana's favorite Mama

Granddaddy with his Bin and Oaxie

On New Years day we celebrated Christmas with the Binford Clan! It was well worth the wait. Bin and Oaxie were so excited to see that Santa had left just a few more presents at Nana and Granddaddy's house for them! Bin finally got Big Foot which he had been waiting for and Oaxie was surprised she had a rather large Rapunzel under the tree! However, we decided that we should have given her to the guys for Christmas. For some reason they all enjoyed brushing her long hair! :)

The new year started off with Bin's visit to the Neurologist. We have been concerned because he has been falling a little more than usual. We were hoping his new braces would correct that but so far they have not. The doctor says he does not believe it is tethered cord which we were the most worried about. He says it could be related to a shunt malfunction so Bin will be having a MRI to rule that out too, hopefully! Bin has his Spina Bifida clinic at Scottish Rite tomorrow so we can get some questions answered there also. We have not really wanted to bring up the 'wheel chair' conversation but we are getting to the point that it is an upcoming reality. Bin gets very tired after walking long distances and has been asking to be carried when we are in the store or walking around the pasture. He complains that his legs are tired. He will not need it all the time but for long distances he will. Keep us in your prayers as this is yet another learning and coping process that Spina Bifida brings into our lives.


Michelle said...

What a great holiday you had! Repunzle was big at our house too. What is it with the guys and this long hair? Would you believe ANTHONY braided it one day? Crazy, but what a good daddy! Ha!
I will pray for handsome lil' Bin!I'm sure it's a never ending roller coaster.

Cassie said...

The BigFoot cracks me up because both of my boys are terrified of that thing. Caleb and Benjamin always ask to go see BigFoot when we are at Target but then when we get to the aisle, they quickly change their minds!! Too Funny!
I hope you get some answers regarding Bin. I know the wheelchair thing can be difficult but if he does need one I'm certain he will look super cute while rolling around in it! Bin is just amazing, I have always been in awe of how mobile he is. He's such a precious boy. Keep us posted on what happens with his MRI. I'll be thinking about you guys.


Your kids are soooo cute! I feel like u the "wheel-chair" conservation! We talk about it with Ethan and he tells us " I don't need one because I can walk"! Talk about stubborn! We will be praying for y'all! Thanks for the support the last few months! Ethan is doing awsome! The boy has a confidence like I never seen! A lot like Bin! Oaxie looks great! We really need to get together! 2011 is going to be our year!

Karen said...

Congratulations you have a beautiful family!!