Welcome to our family!

Welcome to our family!
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Bin the Builder
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hot Rods First Game

Bin playing catcher

Atleast she was not picking the flowers like I
thought she would do in the outfield!

Jace (Oaxie's best friend), Bin and Oaxie

Today was our first Tee Ball Game. I am so disappointed in our camera! The image came out very bad but at least you can see Bin hit and run! We were so proud of our little Hot Rods! Bin and Oaxie both hit the ball and got on base. Oaxie made two scores and Bin made it to second base twice!! I put the video up of Bin b/c when I saw him hit the ball and run, my mind went back to when I was sitting in the doctors office, 18 weeks pregnant with Bin and Oaxie. She told me that "Baby A (Bin)" had Spina Bifida and more than likely would not ever walk! Of course there were many other things she told Jon and I that day but those were the words I heard in my mind today. Thank goodness I had my glasses on because I boo hoo'd. Most people who follow this blog have children with spina bifida or are our family and understand what we have gone through for the the first (almost) 5 years of Bin Boos little life. To see him actually running to base makes my heart leap for joy.


penelope said...

that makes my heart swell! go bin! beyond proud of both you and oaxie!!!

Jen said...

tears of joy watching that video! How it must make your heart sing to see both your little babies playing t-ball together. Wonderful. And adorable in their little uniforms.

We're sitting in the hospital right now 4 days post-op from tethered cord release AND decompression. But I have high hopes that Owen will be able to run the bases like Bin one day.

So so great. THank you for sharing with us!

Jen Potter

Vesti said...

I've been reading since the Walk-N-Roll last year (We live in W-Ford). Holding my tiny 3 month old, I cried at the walk when I saw Bin walking/running. He's now a happy 11 month old pulling to stand. And, again I cry...like baby...watching your baby run!